Initial Goals

Business focused bike commuting campaign CyclingWorks Bristol invites the region’s employers to support protected bike lanes and better cycling infrastructure

3rd Aug 2020 – Following the adoption in June by the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) of its Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP), business focused bike commuting campaign CyclingWorks Bristol calls for the support of employers across the Bristol travel to work area for the priority delivery of N-to-S and E-to-W protected cycling corridors to make it safer and easier for workers to commute by bike. An important part of the priority proposals is to make each of the city’s Park & Ride location more cycle friendly, together with increasing the availability of secure bike parking across the City.
The campaign has already signed up the support of regional business representation bodies; Business West, Bristol Green Capital Partnership, North Bristol Suscom and Destination Bristol, together with Sustrans, the champions of active travel as campaign partners and a growing number of regional employer organisations have already expressed their support.
As well as seeking the broad support of employers for the cycling and walking plan, the campaign has identified three initial priorities that will make a big difference to cycle safety.
Firstly, the creation of two protected bike lanes to connect from E-to-W & N-to-S, based on existing and LCWIP routes. It is critical that these routes are continuous and separated from vehicles and pedestrians. Safe cycling corridors across the city will give more people the confidence to opt for their bike.
Secondly, we consider that the regions’ Park & Ride locations should be cycle friendly with secure overnight cycle parking, bike rental, charging points for e-bikes, so that people living further afield can drive to the periphery, then cycle from there, without needing to transport bikes home each day.
The third is the installation of significantly more secure cycling parking facilities across the city centre.
Bristolians have already embraced bike commuting to a good degree in spite of our hilly terrain, the increasing use of e-bikes will make them easier for all, however it is only by creating safe end-to-end cycling corridors and infrastructure, we will give even more people the confidence to get on their bike.
Commenting on the launch, James Durie, Chief Executive of Bristol Chambers of Commerce and Initiative at Business West stated “We’re very pleased to be partners of the CyclingWorks Bristol campaign. The 22,000 businesses and employers we represent wish to see an acceleration in the improvement and decarbonisation of our transport system and recognise the need to now place a higher priority on active travel.
Ann O’Driscoll, Director of North Bristol Suscom representing the employers of around 45,000 staff in the Northern fringe said “North Bristol SusCom are proud to partner with the CyclingWorks Bristol campaign. Our members have worked hard to enable staff to commute to work by bike by investing in secure cycle parking, shower/drying facilities, offering the cycle to work scheme and running commuter fairs where staff can get their bike serviced and try out the latest e-bikes. We now need proper cycling infrastructure in place to make sure many more of our employees can cycle to work safely.

Major employer Rolls Royce is supporting the campaign, Mark Lovatt, Director Manufacturing, Assembly & Test, Rolls Royce added “each year the travel to work survey amongst our 3,000 employees finds that the reasons for not cycling have included road safety, poor road surfaces and lack of cycle lanes, these improvements could encourage our employees to switch modes of transport.”