CyclingWorks Bristol

Safer Commuting by Bike

Bristol’s employers supporting better cycling infrastructure for their staff.
We need protected cycle routes to get Bristol moving cleanly and safely.

CyclingWorks Bristol is a group of organisations supporting better cycling infrastructure in Bristol to enable their staff to travel safely to work by bike.
There has never been a better time to support cycling in the City.

Employee demand

Currently 16%* of our employees cycle to work and many more would like to if their safety concerns could be addressed. Protected bike routes will lead to safer journeys and more cyclists.

Reduced congestion

Every day, cycling in Bristol takes up to 20,000 cars*** off the road. Increasing the number of people cycling to work will reduce congestion on our roads even further. That means we can all have more time to do what matters.

Healthy lifestyle

Recent research** has shown that cycling to work is associated with a 45% lower risk of developing cancer and a 46% lower risk of heart disease, compared to a non-active commute. Overall the study found that commuters who cycled were associated with a 41% lower risk of premature death.

Our environment

We love this city. Cycling improves Bristol’s air quality. It saves 19,000 kg of NOx and 2,900 kg of particulates. Cycling in Bristol delivers greenhouse gas emissions savings of 10,000 tonnes annually, equivalent to the carbon footprint of 25,000 people taking flights from Bristol to Tenerife.***

* TravelWest Travel to Work Survey (Bristol, Mar 2022)
** BMJ/Univ of Glasgow May 2017
*** all figures in this section are from Bristol Walking and Cycling Index 2021, Sustrans

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Business opinion can influence the decisions and priorities of local government. Take action to help make commuting by bike safer and easier.

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