Gear Change and L.T.N 1/20

The Government make two major announcements about promoting active travel and making it safer on the roads for cyclists.

This week saw the publication of “Gear Change” Strategy and Department for Transport’s LTN 1/20 – Cycle Infrastructure Design.
In “Gear Change” the government announced the details of how it intends to spend £2 billion on increasing the numbers of people walking and cycling and includes the creation of a new body Active Travel England
It will have a key focus on safety by improving bike lanes and offering training to help cyclists with skills to boost their confidence, so that they’re more likely to choose to travel by bike for when commuting, shopping locally and making short journeys.
In its foreword by the Prime Minster he states that his plan is “ to start prescribing bikes on the NHS – with the bicycle in effect giant, universal prescription, with our bike lanes becoming huge, 24-hour gyms, free and open to everyone.”
Follow link to see “Gear Change” document.

This week also saw the launch of the Department for Transport’s Local Transport Note LTN 1/20 Cycle Infrastructure Design. This document provides guidance to local authorities on the design of safe cycling lanes, junctions, and bike parking.
The foreword by the Minister of State with responsibility for cycling and walking includes some stark words about previous practice stating “Too much cycling infrastructure is substandard, providing little protection from motorised traffic and giving up at the very places it is most needed. Some is actually worse than nothing, because it entices novice cyclists with the promise of protection, then abandons them at the most important places. Poor cycling infrastructure discourages cycling and wastes public money.
Follow link to LTN1/20