Become a Cycle Friendly Employer

There are loads of resources with advice on becoming a cycle friendly employer – here’s 10 things to consider and links to help:

1. Set a Policy & Objectives

a. Develop an active/sustainable travel policy.
b. Make sure it links to your environmental & CSR policies.
c. Include tangible objectives that you can track.
d. Put it in practice at all levels – “walk the walk”.

2. Measure & Set Targets

a. Make sure you know how many of your staff cycle to work.
b. Set targets to increase the number of staff cycling to work.
c. Define the actions you will take to achieve the increase.
d. Make sure you have senior management buy-in to this.
e. GHG emissions from commuting are part of scope 3, make sure you have a plan to promote cycling is part of your decarbonisation programme.

3. Get accredited

a. Consider getting an external audit

4. Make it visible

a. Move your cycle parking facilities close to the entrance or closer to the entrance than the car parking.
b. Tell interview candidates & new and existing staff about your policy.
c. Promote bike commuting as part of an active lifestyle for your teams

5. Make it practical

a. Make sure your cycle parking is covered, well lit and easy to access & use for all. Smaller organisations can access free bike parking stands via Bristol based charity Lifecycle UK
b. Make sure it is secure and well monitored.
c. Offer cyclists facilities – i.e. lockers, showers, drying room/space (N.B. there are match funded grants to help support this)
d. Provide an emergency cycle repair kit and repair stand.

6. Make it accessible & affordable

a. Sign-up to a cycle to work scheme i.e. Green Commute Initiative or Cycle Scheme
b. Set a limit that will be enough for staff to be able to purchase an e-bike
c. Promote loan bikes where staff can try out cycling before buying a bike or set up your own pool bike scheme.

7. Make it safer

a. Offer staff workplace cycle training
b. Offer on-site cycle health checks, bike maintenance sessions and free security coding
c. Help staff plan their route to work by bike using tools like better by bike
c. Work with your local authority and other local businesses on provision of cycle lanes to your location

8. Promote it

a. Offer an occasional bike breakfast for staff who cycle to work
b. encourage the creation or support the Bicycle User Group (BUG) at your organisation
c. participate in Bike Week, Cycle to Work Day and other events

9. Reward it

a. offer a cycle mileage rate for business travel

10. Manage car use

a. Put in place a car park management system to allocate spaces to those employees that have no alternative but to drive to work
b. Promote car sharing to reduce the number of vehicles coming on site
c. Consider applying car parking charges and review car related allowances
d. convert some car parking spaces to cycle parking or green areas

Why not reach out to your Local Authority’s Business Engagement Manager who can offer free advice on travel and support for local businesses. Find contact information and details of some of the support available here. Or contact us and we’ll do our best to signpost you.