Secure office bike parking can help Bristol to “Bike Back Better”

25th October 2021 – A significant trend in office facilities in Bristol over the last few years has been to increase the capacity and improve the quality of bike parking at office buildings, often at the expense of car parking allocation. And at many locations, the on-site bike parking being created exceeds the statutory Bristol Local Plan requirements ….more

Action to reduce crime risk on the Bristol Bath Railway Path

23rd February 2021 – CyclingWorks Bristol became concerned by the spike in crime that took place on specific sections of the Bristol to Bath Railway Path in late 2020, as we recognise that many bike commuters use this traffic-free corridor as part of their commuter route each day ….more

YTL Arena Complex Supports the CyclingWorks Bristol Campaign

20th Aug 2020 – YTL Arena Complex has joined organisations and businesses calling for improved cycling facilities in Bristol. read more

Unite Students adds its name to the CyclingWorks Bristol Campaign

10th Aug 2020 – Unite Students has added its name to the growing number of employers based in our region calling for increased priority for improved cycling infrastructure . read their blog post

Business focused bike commuting campaign CyclingWorks Bristol invites the region’s employers to support protected bike lanes and better cycling infrastructure

Mon 3rd Aug 2020 – Following the adoption in June by the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) of its Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP), business focused bike commuting campaign CyclingWorks Bristol calls for the support of employers across the Bristol travel to work area for the priority delivery of N-to-S and E-to-W protected cycling corridors to make it safer and easier for workers to commute by bike. An important part of the priority proposals is to make each of the city’s Park & Ride location more cycle friendly, together with increasing the availability of secure bike parking across the City..…..more

The Government make two major announcements about promoting active travel and making it safer on the roads for cyclists.

Fri 31st July 2020 This week saw the publication of the “Gear Change” Strategy paper and Department for Transport’s LTN 1/20 – Cycle Infrastructure Design. The Minster of State for Cycling & Walking stating that “Poor cycling infrastructure discourages cycling and wastes public money.” ….more

West of England Combined Authority adopts its Local Walking and Cycling Infrastructure Plan

19th June 2020 – During a meeting of its joint committee, the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) formally adopted its Local Walking and Cycling Infrastructure Plan. The Plan proposes investment of £411m by 2036, improving the environment for cyclists and pedestrians, focusing on 30 local high streets as well as improvements along 55 continuous cycle routes….more